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What are Ceramic Caps and Why Do They Have Many Non Ideal Qualities

ceramic 1 capacitorCeramic capacitors are devices that utilize ceramic as the dielectric component within the capacitor itself. These capacitors are the most widely produced worldwide and are used in a variety of different types of electric equipment. There are four different classes of ceramic capacitors.

Ceramic capacitors have lacking temperature characteristics. This means that, when the temperature of the capacitor is changed, the capacitance itself can vary considerably. This makes them difficult to rely upon, and in some cases, they may have very high percentage capacitance changes based on temperature changes. They are also prone to having their effective capacitance change when a DC voltage is applied to them.

Certain types of ceramic capacitors also have their own problems. For instance, there is a voltage dependency factor that is calculated along with the other issues related to temperature. In some cases, operating at the highest voltage allowable can reduce the capacitance significantly.