Capacitor Codes

Colour Codes To Identify Capacitors

Capacitor Codes - Colour Codes To Identify Capacitors

Capacitor Codes

capacitor codes Capacitors are among the most common electronic components in use. Because they cannot be easily identified outwardly, a color-coding scheme is utilized to make it easy to visually identify the characteristics of the capacitor. There is also a numerical scheme used, which consists of combinations of numbers and letters to give specific information on the characteristics of a capacitor.

The color-coding scheme is similar to the scheme utilized on resistors to provide the same information to users. This color scheme utilizes colored bands or colored dots to provide necessary information to the user. With this information, the user can easily assess an electrical component, determine its basic characteristics and, depending upon their need, replace it, tested or do anything else that would require the user to know its electrical characteristics.

There are other numbering schemes that indicate different information, which are detailed below. Capacitor codes can be printed out and are available on ready-made posters, which are great accessories to have available in an electronics shop. There are also many different converters available online where you can input color values or numerical values and convert them to whichever system you wish. This can make it much easier to determine the exact values of the capacitor without having to worry about any sort of error giving you a wrong number.